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    Time Lapse Camera PDF Print
    Monday, 05 April 2010 10:03

    Softabar Time Lapse Camera is a Java Mobile application to take time lapse pictures with camera phone and images  can be then downloaded to the computer.

    Below are a few screenshots that show main menu, settings menu and camera in action.

    Softabar Time Lapse Camera includes also option to send pictures automatically to

    TwitPic and .

    Other settings include ability to change resolution, interval, ISO setting, flash setting and so on.


    Time Lapse Camera is released under GNU General Public License.

    Get source.

    Get JAD.

    Get JAR.

    Available also from

    Technical Info

    Time Lapse Camera is built using J2ME technology MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1. It uses JSR-75, JSR-135, JSR-234 features. All of those are likely included in a more recent mid-range and above phones.

    Because of the J2ME security, phone may ask permissions to take picture, create new directory for images and so on.

    The program saves pictures to a predefined directory, default directory is c:/pictures/. Directory can be changed in settings screen. Within that directory based on current timestamp is created and pictures are saved there.

    Program sends pictures to TwitPic so that the latest image is sent and if upload takes a long time program may skip some pictures.

    Time Lapse Camera was developed and tested with Sony Ericsson K800i and K850i.

    NOTE: Program has not been tested with any other phone than Sony Ericsson's K800i and K850i. However, since program is based on J2ME standards, Time Lapse Camera may work on other phones as well. Or it may not work, so please download the program and test it.

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