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    LoremIpsum4J PDF Print
    Friday, 19 March 2010 17:23

    LoremIpsum4J is a Java class for generating Lorem Ipsum text. Lorem Ipsum is basically mockup text for printing and typesetting industry.

    LoremIpsum4J uses web service in, which is excellent web site about Lorem Ipsum and also includes  online generator of Lorem Ipsum paragraphs.


    Source code

    Java class


    You can view the source code online.

    JavaDoc for the class is also available.


    Here are couple of code fragments that demonstrate LoremIpsum4J usage.

    Generate 2 Lorem Ipsum paragraphs

    LoremIpsum4J loremIpsum=new LoremIpsum4J();
    String[] paragraphs=loremIpsum.getParagraphs(2);

    getParagraphs() returns a string array that contains requested

    Similar functionality is available also for words.

    Generate 42 Lorem Ipsum words

    LoremIpsum4J loremIpsum=new LoremIpsum4J();
    String[] paragraphs=loremIpsum.getWords(42);

    getWords() returns array of lorem ipsum paragraphs that contain requested
    number of words.

    There are also methods getBytes() and getList() which work like the examples above.

    Version history

    1.3.0 (19.03.2010)

    -Changed license to GPLv3.
    -Updated code to use Java generics (JDK 1.5 and later).

    1.2 (27.10.2006)

    -Added command line usage to LoremIpsum4J class.
    java com.softabar.lipsum.LoremIpsum4J [-type <paras | words | bytes>] [-amount number] [-start <true | false>]

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