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When You Want To Go To Where You Already Are is a service to find you a randomized route from point A to point A.

But why, you may ask? Sometimes the journey is more important and more fun than the destination.

  • Biking: find a new route around the area from your front door.
  • Running: new route might be refreshing change.
  • Walking: what's around you? You might find new locations right next to you.
  • Motorcycling: randomize a few hundred kilometer roundtrip.
  • Driving: find a nice roads for sunday drive with a family
  • For any activity that you want to finish to where you started it.



Click anywhere on the map. A random route is calculated starting from the location you clicked and ending to the same location.

Menu items: + version info This page.
Route distance Calculated route distance in meters.
Click map to set A2A route: ON/OFF Green when clicking map calculates new route. Red if not. Click this to set on/off.
Center to my location If your browser supports it, tries to find your location and then centers the map to it.
Set approx. A2A distance

Click to sets the approximate route distance:

1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200 kilometers.

Set zoom Click to set predefined zoom levels: 4, 8, 12 and 16.
Set travel mode Click to set travel mode for Google route calculation: DRIVE, WALK or BICYCLE.
Clear markers Click to clear all markers on the map.
New A2A route Click to calculate new route from the start location. Green if enabled.
Center to start location Click to center map to the start location. Green if enabled.
Show route GPX Click to open new window where route is in GPX format. Green if enabled.
Show route URL Click to open dialog box where URL for the route is ready for copy/paste. Green if enabled.
Tweet route Click to show Tweet-button where you can Tweet the route. Green if enabled.


There's also a review in Google Maps Mania.


We respect your privacy. Your routes are never transmitted to our servers and we collect no personal information from you. The whole RouteA2A application runs on your own browser, only the main HTML and required JavaScript files are downloaded from our server.

Terms of Service

The RouteA2A application is provided AS IS. No warranties and no guarantees of when or how long it is available. Using any routes from RouteA2A is your own responsibility. RouteA2A is based on Google Maps. .

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